Odyssey Spirit Caves Mom's Bones Tikkun Olam Weaving Totems


Athena weaves a fog around the sleeping Odysseus

Athena weaves a fog, in this view suggesting the shape of a spider

Athena weaves a fog Odysseus, asleep on Ithaca

12"h x 28"w x 21"d

Eucalyptus, olive, birch, wire, fiber, varnish

Close up of cave where the Scherians left Odysseus asleep

Cave where the Phaeacians leave the sleeping Odysseus

Another view of the veiled cave and gnarled topography

Cave on Ithaca from above

Another view of the rough terrain and Athena's camouflage veil

Web of fog

Back view of Odysseus's hiding place

Ithaca - inland - back