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Mom's Bones

Mom’s Bones, based on a family story, is an ongoing and interconnecting series of works utilizing wishbones and what they symbolize, some actual poultry wishbones, and some of cast gold. This series includes hanging ornaments made of gold-painted wish bones, a pair of sculptures from the Spirit Cave series utilizing cast gold wish bones and Empty Nest (click below), a metaphor for life-change workshops, and created from an inverted fichus tree; eggshells; nests from various sources: humming birds, nightingales and Penelope’s own nest weavings; and small sculptures of birds.

Read Penelope's short story entitled "Mom's Bones"

Thumbnail of Triple Goddess, ficus wood, wishbone, fiber

Triple Goddess

Thumbnail of Celtic deity preparing the dead, the Washer at the Ford, ficus, fiber, wishbone, hearts

Washer at the Ford


Gilded wishbones, shaped like lyres, with strings representing Chakras

Sycamore hollowform with Keyhole entry, intricate interior weaving and wishbone

Spirit Cave for Sally




Tree of life, branches holding empty nests, families in transition

Empty Nest

Chakra Lyres

6"h x 3"w x 0.5"d

chicken bones, gold paint, yarn