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Spirit Caves

In this series, I explore images of the Sacred Feminine and the sanctuary of the interior. The Spirit Caves draw on natural landscapes, sacred architecture, forms emergent in various woods, and life experiences, to imagine, to honor, -- and when deeply touched -- to create with wood and yarn the inner sanctum. I carve the metaphors presented by the mythic imagination, images of meditation, of ritual, of connection: the opening of the heart, the landscape of memory, the womb of being, the moment of transformation, the bonds of family and among generations, intimations of the interior, and hidden, sometimes encrypted, topographies of the personal sacred. From the altar to the kiva, from ancient Greek to Celtic myth, from the poetry of Homer and Ovid, from tragedy and joy, I invite you to enter the interior cave of Spirit. Some of the spirit caves also draw on a family story called Mom’s Bones, a contemplation of the wishbone.

Altar Cave   thumbnail of Washer at the Ford Sculpture   Thumbnail of Hohokam Kiva
  Thumbnail of Tree nymph Face  Thumbnail, Sycamore cave opening  Helical fire within Spelunking Spirit sculpture  
Spirit cave 3, detail, opening to dream cave of Aesclepius   Tuumbnail, young woman hiding, Spirit Cave 2   Thumbnail, triple goddess, face of Demeter