Odyssey Spirit Caves Mom's Bones Tikkun Olam Weaving Totems



Sister Iphthime Comforts Penelope in Dream:
Wife or widow, too long alone


Doors of Penelope's room, with wisp of dream entering keyhole

A wisp of dream enters the keyhole
of Penelope's room while she sleeps

A dream: Penelope's sister, here composed of yarn and feathers, looks down, trying to comfort the sleeping Penelope,

Iphthime, Penelope's faraway sister, visits in dream

12"h x 19"w x 13"d
Eucalyptus, maple, oak, wire, feathers, fiber, stone, copper, repurposed jewelry


Penelope's tear, rose quartz, her face represented by a ribbon with closed eyes drawn on it, and above an ornament matching a similar ornament, midline on her sister's brow.

The sleeping Penelope's tear