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Penelope Stuart Bourk

Mythologist, Sculptor, Writer, Guide
Thumbnail of one of Odyssey sculptures
Thumbnail of interior of one of the Spirit Caves
Thumbnail of one nest in Empty Nest sculpture in Mom's Bones series
Hands repairing small olive vessel in Tikkun Olam series
Thumbnail, Leda and Swan in Weaving series
Family totem in wood and fiber from Totems series


Curious about Myth, Metaphor, Art, and the Active Imagination?


Welcome! The convergence of myth and metaphor in my sculpting and writing is the focus of this website. Studying myth in graduate school first opened me to the significance of mythic consciousness and the profound human process of mythopoiesis, or "mythmaking." Yet it is through the work of my hands, in sculptures, weavings, and writings, influenced by that mythic awareness, that I have most deeply and personally experienced mythmaking -- how myth mothers the nascent spirit, how the metaphoric algebra of myth forms, informs, and transforms the way we live in the world, and more specifically what myth has made of me. Through several series of my sculptures on this website, related essays, and commentary, I share my explorations of the creative process. As I continue my studies in how myth, metaphor, and art can work together to inform spirit, I hope to add a blog, a meeting place with others finding their way.

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Myth and Me

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